Carlos from Chicago, IL

To reach my goal of working in security and supporting my family, I need my Ill. Perc Card

Having my Perc Card would mean qualifying for a security job, a steady income, gainful employment, and better things for myself and my family.


Carlos has his certification and is already interviewing for jobs! Aug 11, 2014

He says, "Thank you very much for your contributions toward getting my 20 hour basic security officer certification. Since I completed the course, I have gone 3 interviews from prospective employers. I'm taking a lot of steps in the right direction. Thanks so much!"


I need my Illinois Perc card to get a security job. This includes the 20-hour basic (unarmed) course, a live fingerprint scan, and the Perc application fee. My goal is to eventually move up to a state or federal security position. With a job I'll be able to have steady income and won't have to rely on state assistance.

Meeting this need will help me because getting the Perc card means I can get a security job. I have experience in the field, but I cannot get hired unless I have the card. With a job, I'll be able to get my own place. My family has helped me a lot and with a job I'll be able to return the favor.

My current situation is I am unemployed and I'm only receiving $88 a week in unemployment benefits. Things are tough. I am trying to find gainful employment with what resources I have. I am barely getting by paying necessity bills, along with paying transportation required to find a job.

I'm from Chicago, IL with my brothers. I was raised on the Southside of the city, and I recently relocated from Portage, IN to find better job opportunities.

I'm most proud of raising 4 children, being married for 33 years, and enjoying my grandchildren. I've raised 4 children (one daughter and 3 sons) that are all raising their own children. They are always asking me for parental advice. My wife at the age of 37 suffered a massive stroke due to a brain aneurysm. Not only have I raised my four children, but I've also taken care of my wife until I was forced to put her in a nursing home. Now she is in hospice care.

I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by positively motivated people and something interesting about me is I'm highly motivated in my job pursuits.

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Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

We met several months ago when Carlos moved back to Chicago and came to JARC for help finding a job. He comes in a few times a week, either to attend computer classes, our career management course, or to work on his job search. His dedication to finding a job is inspiring, and has come a long way since he first moved back. I think meeting this need is important because it means he'll be able to get a job and move on with his life. He has the experience to be a security officer and many companies are hiring, but they won't look at him without a PERC card. Once he finds work he'll be able to live on his own and he can better take care of his wife.

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