Jeffery from Detroit, MI

On the road to recovery! Need my license reinstated so I can get to class & work

I am five months sober and have been working towards rebuilding my life. I need my license reinstated so I can get to class and work


A thank you message and update from Jeffery! Jul 28, 2014

He says, "Thank you so much for your support! I just wanted to let you all know I'm doing well in my classes and my sobriety. God bless you all!"


I am 47 years old and five months sober. I am currently staying with friends until I can get back on my feet. Within the last year I lost my mother, my father and grandmother which caused me great pain and financial strain. Now that I am sober I am becoming the man that all of them knew that I could be! I will be starting school in a couple weeks to finish my nursing and HVAC certification so that I can find employment in either of these two fields. I already have credit in both of these fields so I only need to take a few classes to finish. I have the opportunity to take classes in both fields so I figured I'd maximize my time to better my chances for employment when complete.

My goals are to complete school and to find safe and secure housing and a job so that I can become a productive member of society again.

I need reliable transportation to get me to classes and eventually to work, when I secure a position. In order to get me back on the road, I need my license reinstated.

Meeting this need will help me because transportation is important in getting me to class and eventually to work. I want to one day be in a position where I'm able to "pay it forward" and give back to individuals who need support in taking that next step in life. Without the help of the Recovery Center I wouldn't be where I am today.

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Validated by Lola from Returning Citizen Resource Center (What does this mean?)

I've know Jeffery for a few months. He came to the Recovery Center for support services. My colleagues and I have worked with him to apply for Section 8 housing and are working with him to address other barriers that are keeping him from obtaining full-time employment, which is important in getting him back on his feet.

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I have worked in my position as a Program Manager since 2005. I work with individuals that exit out of prison, jail or have a felony and find it difficult to re-enter society. I help these individuals find resources to support themselves and get back on their feet to become productive citizens in… Read more