Aisha from Detroit, MI

Mother of 2 studying social work. A laptop is vital for my success in the field!

My goals are to finish my education & enter graduate school next fall. I need a reliable laptop to complete required case studies and intake sessions.


I am a 30 year old mother of 2 daughters. I currently volunteer as an AmeriCorp VISTA providing service in the Detroit Community. In addition to serving as a VISTA, I am also entering my last year at Wayne State University, majoring in Social Work.

My goals are to graduate from Wayne State University (WSU) with my Bachelors in Social Work in May 2015. After graduating from WSU I want to further my education at University of North Carolina (UNC) - Chapel Hill majoring in Educational Counseling.

I need a reliable laptop to use for school. My coursework and classes are completely online. Also, I am required to record case studies and intake counseling sessions and a specific model of laptop was suggested to help me organize video sessions and complete school related task more efficiently.

Meeting this need will help me because it will equip me with the right tools to continue to excel in school and graduate on time. Obtaining my degree will put me in a position to better serve and give back to the community around me.

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Validated by Wytrice from Total Life Christian Ministries, Inc. (What does this mean?)

Aisha works as a Vista with the community organization I work for and has been a true asset since she arrived on the scene last April. She is very professional and efficient in her work and has a beautiful and caring heart. As a Vista she is making very little money but is committed to finishing her education so she can better improve her financial future for her and her daughters. Meeting this need will help her better balance her school work from home and meet her accomplishments educationally and personally.

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