Ben from Chicago, IL

I'm ready to start looking for work! Just need help with license fees to get started.

I'm very grateful to have secured a bike! License fees and a flash-drive to save my resume will make sure I'm ready to start applying for a job.


Thank you! Nov 12, 2014

Ben received his bike and loves it! The last time he was in he mentioned he was able to take himself to a medical appointment because of having a bike and doesn't have to stress about not having money for public transit. Thanks so much for helping Ben!

Chicago Lights received a bike donation for Ben! Sep 18, 2014

Ben was initially in need of a bicycle when we first posted his need. Abby, Ben's validator at Chicago Lights, sent us some wonderful news today:

She says, "Since posting Ben’s need I’ve actually connected with an organization called Working Bikes that is willing to donate a bike, helmet, and lock for a $20 processing fee. The funding for his need will now be used to cover the $20 bike fee and the remaining funding to cover a birth certificate, background check & flash-drive so he can save his resume."

My need and situation

I am a 47-year-old survivor of Hurricane Katrina that was brought to Chicago by FEMA after the hurricane killed my entire family. I am currently working with the EDSSC's Case Management Program.

My goals are to gain employment, find stable housing, and better my mental, emotional, and physical health.

I need a bike, helmet, and bike lock so I can get around the city. I have no income and am staying at a shelter so it is difficult to get to job sites to put in applications because I cannot afford public transportation. The medication I'm taking requires 2 meals a day, but I'm having difficulty getting to soup kitchens because of how far they are from my shelter. As a result I haven't been able to regularly take my medication because it makes me sick on an empty stomach. Not being able to take my medication has begun to really effect my overall health and well-being.

Meeting this need will help me because having a bike will give me the opportunity and freedom to begin applying for jobs and to better my mental, emotional, and physical health by being able to eat 2 meals a day and the ability to take my medication.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Ben fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Abby from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Validated by Abby from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center (What does this mean?)

I have known Ben since he came to the EDSSC a few months ago looking for assistance. We recently began working on Case Management so Ben can dive into his employment and housing goals. He is a Certified Welder and just needs assistance with transportation so he can not only apply for jobs, but also get to work once he gains employment. He also needs transportation in order to find 2 meals a day so he can adhere to the medical instructions from his doctor. Ben has a huge heart and just needs a little assistance getting to the next step. He has been through so much in his life, especially surviving Hurricane Katrina. It would be so wonderful to see him receive this help.

About Abby

My work as Associate Director involves helping individuals on their path toward self-sufficiency through the coordination of case management and supportive services. I enjoy working closely with individuals toward goal setting and achievement. Watching people's lives change because of resource… Read more