Morris from Chicago, IL

I have a job opportunity in my field but I need my driver's license to take it.

I need a driver's license to work driving patients with disabilities. When I I finish my degree, my license will help me get a job in counseling, too.


I am a 46 year old who is a graduate of the Inspiration Corporation employment program. Currently I am trying to gain employment in the social service field.

My goals are to secure a position that allows me to move into permanent housing with the ultimate goal of finishing my degree in substance abuse and mental health counseling.

I currently am in need of my driver’s license. I have an opportunity for a job driving disabled patients to help them in their every day life.

Meeting this need will help me because many positions post college require a driver’s license. Whether it is helping individuals move from place to place or driving them to appointments, a driver’s license is crucial to help further my journey.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by George from Inspiration Corporation

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Validated by George from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Morris has been working with me as his Career Specialist for 1 year now at Inspiration Corporation; since workshop Morris has been working toward his ultimate goal of being an Addiction Councilor. I strongly feel that in order to help Morris in this, a driver's license would not only help Morris with achieving a stepping stone job, but it ultimately would be vital to his long term career goals.

About George

George has worked in the social service field for over 7 years and at Inspiration Corporation for over 5 of those years. George began his career at Inspiration as a part-time Lead Milieu Manager in 2008, in this capacity he was in charge of overseeing all meals, behaviors during meals, and proper… Read more

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