Veronica from Chicago, IL

I'm a single mom starting a new career. Work gear will get me started.

I moved to IL from FL for my kids' education. Now I'm studying, too, to become a welder. I need protective gear to land a welding job.


Your support set Veronica up for success. Thank you! Feb 20, 2015

Veronica wants to thank those who supported her. She can be seen here proudly displaying her brand new hood, jacket, and pair of gloves. Thanks so much.

Veronica sends her thanks! Jan 12, 2015

"Words cannot express the joy of my appreciation when I was told that I received my full funding. Thank you so much for giving me the ability to purchase my safety gear. I'm ready to interview!"


I am a 37 year old single mother of three boys, ages 16, 13 and 12. I moved here from Florida in order to provide access to better schools for my children. Since the move, my kids have done very well in school. My oldest recently told me that he feels like he has the confidence to actually graduate now. My youngest made the honor roll for the first time in his life last quarter. And my middle child is looking forward to playing sports next year, since he could not join this year due to my work training schedule.

I am new to welding as of September of this year when I was accepted into the Jane Addams Resource Corporation Fast Track Welding program. I found that I have not only a talent for welding, but a passion for it as well. I am proud of how well my whole family has adjusted to all the changes this year.

Once I have the equipment I need, I will have the confidence to land a welding job. I am in need of some protective welding equipment including a helmet, jacket, gloves, jeans, and steel toe boots.

Any help that you can provide would go a long way toward helping me achieve my goals. Thank you.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Dan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

I starting working with Veronica three months ago when she enrolled in the Fast Track Welding program at the Jane Addams Resource Corporation. And although she had no prior welding experience, she quickly become one of the top students in the class. She says that her fast learning curve was because welding is similar to her hobby of embroidery; I think her hard work and determination had something to do with it. A single mom of three boys, Veronica leads by example with her positive attitude and work ethic. If you met her, you would never know about some of her past struggles, or that she is currently homeless. She would say “temporarily” homeless. All she needs is a little help with the cost of protective work gear, and I am convinced that this “glass half full” woman will be a successful welder before you know it.

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I am proud to be an Employment Coach at the Jane Addams Resource Corporation. We work with individuals who are currently looking for employment in manufacturing, but need some of the skills that employers are seeking. My job is to help with things like resume writing, interviewing, communication… Read more