Yaritza from San Francisco, CA

First generation college student! A tech camp will help me on my career path.

I want to show that people from my community can and should work in the tech industry. I just need some help covering tuition for this tech camp!


Yaritza was accepted into San Francisco DevBootCamp! Aug 5, 2016

We just received word from Yaritza's validator Leo at MEDA that she's enrolled in her tech bootcamp and needs your help to make it there! Leonardo says,

"Hi everyone. I can't believe your donations keep coming to support Yaritza going to a bootcamp. She is very thankful for the opportunity you will be providing by your donations. Yaritza is on the final stretch and she needs your help more than ever!"


I am a dedicated 19 year old Latina, attending San Francisco State University and pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I was born and raised here in San Francisco by my Mexican father and my Nicaraguan Mother. I am the first out of my family to finish high school and pursue my B.S. degree in computer science.

My goals are to finish my four-year Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and also attend a boot camp. After I am done with my degree and get the experience from the boot camp I want to eventually give classes and help teach others the things I have learned. I also want to become a software engineer to help me gain even more knowledge in software. I know how expensive taking classes for coding are and I want to be the one to get the skills first to then help others who don’t believe they can do, to finally believe and get the skills they need. I want to help give a positive impact to my community.

I need $700 to help lessen the tuition of these boot camps due to their tuition being 10,000 and above. This will also help me pay for transportation and expenses for the boot camp. With your help I can worry a bit less on the cost of everything and focus more on learning and gaining experience.

I am attending college, which is very costly in itself, also my family has another child that they pay for his middle school. Additionally I live in San Francisco, which is a very expensive city to live in. So with your help I will help lessen the cost, and I feel with attending a boot camp I will gain experience that will help better myself. With that said, I can also help give back to others in my community in the process, thus meeting this need will help me be more focused on my education and giving back.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Yaritza fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Leonardo from Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)

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Validated by Leonardo from Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) (What does this mean?)

I have know Yaritza since the summer of 2014 thru our Mission Techies Program which teaches IT essentials for underserved young adults in the San Francisco Area. I have worked very close with Yaritza for the past two years about accomplishing technology goals like learning more coding skills and continuing to stay engage helping other youth learn code. Yaritza is very passionate about giving back to the community and has been dedicated every week to come and learn new coding skills. I would love to see Yaritza getting help to pursue coding bootcamps.

About Leonardo

Leonardo Sosa has mentored over 1,500 youth to become technology ambassadors, and he has trained over 100 instructors on best practices in a technology and leadership curricula across the country since 2003. In 1995 he launched Youth-Net, the first youth technology program serving the Mission. In… Read more

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