Denise from Chicago, IL

Bus fare for 3 months so I can get to school and seek work and housing

After 15 years, my workplace closed in March. Now jobs in my field are scarce and my family is in a shelter. Bus fare will be a life-saver.


Denise (on receiving her bus cards) Jan 17, 2012

Hi this is Denise I want to say thank you to all my donors for their support with helping me meet my need for transporting so that I can continue going to school,job search and look for housing which I wasn't able to before.hopefully this weekend I should hear some good news about employment.thanks again for everything and have a great holiday.

Margaret (on learning Denise's need has been met) Jan 17, 2012

This is great! I am sure this is one less worry in her life today. Now she can go to her GED class, store or Doctor’s appointment. As we can see there are families willing to invest in enhancing their quality of life. Often resources are not available. Thanks so much!

Denise (on learning her need has been met) Jan 17, 2012

I received your email today and i want to thank you and my donors so much for helping me reach my needs for transportion so that i can continue school, job search and look for housing. i went and applied for a CNA position with the person you referred me to and when i hear back i will make sure to email you to let you know if i got the position, once again thank you all so much.


In order to look for jobs, look for housing, go to school, and go to the library, I use public transportation.  Since I lost my job, I don’t always have the money for a bus card which makes it impossible for me to get to these important places.  If I had enough money for a bus card for the next three months, I could improve my chances of obtaining a job and housing and I could go to school uninterrupted. Last school session, I had to drop out because I didn’t have the bus fare to get to my classes regularly. 

I’ve been looking for a job ever since March when the facility I was working at closed.  I look every day.  Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck finding employment.  It seems as though facilities are accepting applications, but I haven’t heard anything back from any of the applications I’ve submitted. My best friend is also a CNA and is also having trouble finding work.  It used to be really easy to find a CNA job, but now that the economy is bad, it seems like no one is hiring.

Since losing my job, I’ve lost my apartment, got behind on bills, and haven’t been able to support my family the way I need to.  A month ago, my family and I entered a shelter.  Every day, I’ve been going out, looking for employment, going to the library, using the internet, looking for housing, and learning about becoming a Medical Assistant or RN.

My name is Denise. I’m 34 years of age. I’m a single parent with five children.  I was financially stable for fifteen years.  I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant with elderly and disabled people from 2001 until this year.  I lost my job in March of 2011 when the facility I worked at closed down. I’m currently in school for my GED and my goal is to obtain my GED, further my career, and become a Medical Assistant or an RN.

My kids and I are always together.  My kids love me and I do everything possible to try to help them out.  I love my children.  I had my first child at a young age, at 16.  I didn’t have reliable child care.  I made it all the way to my Junior year, but because of my child care problem, I wasn’t able to graduate from high school.  I studied for my CNA and finished my certification in 2002, when I was 26.  When I found my CNA job, I was on solid ground until this year.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Margaret from Bethel New Life


Validated by Margaret from Bethel New Life (What does this mean?)

I met Denise when she was referred to us recently from the Department of Human Services.  Denise is currently enrolled in a GED class.  We provided assistance to her to take the GED exam.  Denise has expressed to me that she has five children and she has an interest to better her living condition because of her income and housing situations.  Denise is actively seeking employment as well as taking classes towards her GED exam. 

Because of her lack of income, bus cards are much needed for Denise to support her job search, transportation to her classes, and other family and personal needs and responsibilities.  I’m hoping from this site, that people will reach out to Denise to provide her with assistance to help her transportation needs so that she can actively seek employment, housing, and complete her education.

About Margaret

My name is Margaret Daniels and I am the Director of Health and Wellness for Bethel New Life in Chicago. I have been with Bethel New Life for twenty-five years. I work with pregnant women, infants and children. I also work with the Emergency Fund to provide assistance to families with immediate… Read more

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