Michelle from Detroit, MI

I'm an Army veteran in need of car repairs to keep my job as an energy auditor.

I've been able to save up half the repair costs and just need help covering the rest. Having a working car is essential to keeping my job.


I am a military Army veteran who is a grateful recovering addict currently residing in transitional/recovery housing at Emmanuel House in Detroit, MI. I have recently secured employment at Strategic Protection Group as a security officer and can only work one assignment on Saturdays in Ann Arbor, MI where transportation is provided by Volunteers of America. Due to the fact my car was recently flooded out by the recent storm and now needs a new engine, I can only work one day out of the week.

My goals are to secure another position within the company as a road manager, which requires a reliable vehicle and provides a better wage. I also am BPI certified as a building analyst which is my current career choice otherwise known as an Energy Auditor.

I need my engine replaced in addition to another catalytic convertor for my car to be road worthy. The car is worth the expense as I have secured half of the cost and time is of the essence, really urgent as to I do not want to lose out on gainful employment. I am also facing another deadline: I only have a couple of months left in transitional housing.

Meeting this need will help me because it will allow for more days at work which will lead me to independent living. I do not want to remain homeless and underemployed when I have worked hard in college to work in the field of energy conservation and help people to live more comfortably.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Eddie from Detroit Recovery Project

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Validated by Eddie from Detroit Recovery Project (What does this mean?)

Michelle is a member here at Detroit Recovery Project who has been homeless for sometime and has come a long way from substance abuse to attending school at Henry Ford Community College among other endeavors, and now is ready to work full time. Her skill set is wide and solid and I know that without her automobile her progress will be severely hindered. She is facing a time restraint which is imperative to her success. Thank you for your consideration.

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My job title is Certified Peer Support Specialist. My work involves providing services to members with co-occurring illness and these services are an array of comprhensive services, such as employment, housing, integrated treatment with mental health providers, i been holding this position for… Read more

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