David from Chicago, IL

Working, in school, and preparing for a new career. I need work gear to get started.

My current job barely covers my bills, so I'm training for a career as a machinist. To take a job, I need my own gear like boots and a metrology kit.


David has a new job! He shared this update: Jan 16, 2015

I started training for my new job as a CNC operator. I am excited to have my steel toe boots, metrology kit, and gas cards. Thank you for all your help in my time of need. As I move forward in my life I look forward to when I can be benevolent to others.


I am currently a student at Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) in the CNC program. I am working 32 hours per week as a mail processor while going to school. My job is barely covering my bills. I am sharing an apartment with my wife and her sister.

My goal is to get a job as a CNC operator and eventually work my way up into management. While working towards my professional goals, I hope to uplift my family into better living conditions.

I need steel toed boots, a metrology kit and gas cards to help me get to work until I get my first pay check.

Meeting this need will help me prepare for interviews by practicing measurements with the tools of the trade. It will mean that I can show the companies that I am applying to that I am job ready and serious. I need the steel toed boots to show them that I am prepared to be a safe and productive worker on day one. The gas cards will really help because a lot of the jobs that I am applying for are located in the suburbs far from where I am staying.

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Validated by Mark from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known David for several months. He is a very hard working and dedicated person. David first impressed me when he taught me how to write code and use the milling machine when I first started at JARC. He is a leader in CNC class and I am sure he will be an excellent addition to the CNC Company that he ends up working for. David has worked hard and achieved a lot. Now his only barrier to reaching his employment goal is getting the supplies he needs to interview and obtain a job.

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My job title is Program Coordinator. My work involves case management of all students enrolled in our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) class. I enjoy working with students to help them to be successful in the program and empowered in life. The best part of working at Jane Addams Resource… Read more