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Since 1991, Claretian Associates has developed over 130 affordable houses and apartments in South Chicago, a community with a rich history and a strong future. Claretian Associates builds community within the culturally diverse neighborhood of South Chicago by working with community leaders, residents and organizations to provide affordable housing and related services for low-and-moderate income people, build resident-based leadership, and serve as a catalyst in creating innovative solutions to improve the quality of life.


Tasha Tasha
I am the senior property manager and oversee all the properties for Claretian Associates. I have been here 2 years and have been working in property management and real estate for the past 25 years. I am currently in a master’s degree program in public administration at Governors State… More
Graciela Graciela
My name is Graciella. I am the New Communities Program Organizer for Claretian Associates. I have been here for seven years. I like working here because it is close to my home, and I am helping my own community.
Katja Katja
I have worked at Claretian Associates for a little over a year now. I am the social services coordinator and I see most of the residents regularly. I got my degree in counseling and I love to help people. I have always wanted to do this and I hope I can continue to really make a difference in… More
Jackie Jackie
I am the NCP Director for South Chicago at Claretian Associates. I have been doing this for 4.5 years. Personally, I have seen a disconnect between community education and community development. I want to bridge those gaps. I have attended numerous community meetings and realized that no… More

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Funded on 1/14/2012

Bridgett from Chicago, IL

Winter clothing for my commute to school

I am a single mother and cancer survivor finishing my BA degree. I make just enough to cover most of the bills. I would like a winter coat and boots. More

Validated by Katja from Claretian

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Funded on 1/7/2012

Mike from Chicago, IL

Set of knives to work as a chef

I am the single father of four children. I completed chef school but need my own set of culinary knives to find work. More

Validated by Graciela from Claretian

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Funded on 2/2/2012

Monique from Chicago, IL

School clothes and supplies for my children

I need basic school supplies and uniforms. My son has already grown out of his uniform. I want my children to get the best education they can get. More

Validated by Tasha from Claretian

$745of $720

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Funded on 2/13/2012

Lee from Chicago, IL

Truck repairs so I can work in 48 community gardens

I need to repair my truck. With my health issues and my truck not working, I can’t get to my garden sites and my income is based on that. More

Validated by Jackie from Claretian

$200of $200

Need funded!

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Funded on 3/2/2012

Isadora from Chicago, IL

Teaching certificate tuition so I can offer classes

I want to get my certificate in dance instruction, so I can teach through community organizations. I need to pay tuition for these classes. More

Validated by Jackie from Claretian

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Need funded!

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Funded on 2/21/2012

Lauren from Chicago, IL

Eye exam and glasses so I can read

My glasses got stolen three years ago. My vision is bad close and far, and I would like an eye exam and glasses so I can read to my kids and drive. More

Validated by Tasha from Claretian

$425of $425

Need funded!

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Funded on 6/14/2012

Jean from Chicago, IL

Contact lenses so I can become a nurse

I do have glasses but because I have astigmatism everything's blurry. If I had contacts I would be able to see for school and work and for driving. More

Validated by Tasha from Claretian


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