We mourn the loss of Benevolent team member Kyle Kehus. Gifts to help someone in need will honor his legacy.

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Heartland Alliance believes that all of us deserve the opportunity to improve our lives. Each year, we help ensure this opportunity for more than one million people around the world who are homeless, living in poverty, or seeking safety. Our policy efforts strengthen communities; our comprehensive services empower those we serve to rebuild and transform their lives.


Kirsten Kirsten
I am an intern with the Heartland Human Care Services (HHCS) Refugee and Immigrant Community Services (RICS) office. I work specifically with participants who have additional mental/medical health needs. I offer emotional support and serve as an advocate for participants as they work with other… More

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Funded on 9/26/2012

Toya from Chicago, IL

Brought my brother + sister from Bhutan; need computer to thrive here

I need computer for my job search and to help my brother and sister in school. This includes a laptop, antivirus software, and Microsoft Office. More

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Funded on 12/10/2012

Koffi from Chicago, IL

Laptop so my daughter can be the first in our family to attend university

My family and I fled to the US and we got asylum. Now I work 72 hrs/week, but still can't afford a laptop for my oldest daughter to apply to college. More

Validated by Elizabeth from Heartland Alliance

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Funded on 2/14/2013

Tony from Chicago, IL

Just got a new, full-time job but need my driver's license to keep it

Since my new job requires a driver's license, I need to get it back to keep working. I'm the main provider for my family and blessed to be working. More

Validated by Latosha from Heartland Alliance

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Funded on 3/3/2013

Leo from Chicago, IL

Need a driver's license to be considered for jobs

I'm looking for work and need to pay fees to get my license back. I've interviewed with employers who say if I get my license they can consider me. More

Validated by Latosha from Heartland Alliance

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Funded on 12/20/2013

Ashley from Chicago, IL

New apartment for my daughter and me; I need a bed + household items to make it a home.

My goal's to get my Associate's in Child Psychology. Furniture'll help me and my daughter live more comfortably in our new place as I go to school. More

Validated by Kenneth from Heartland Alliance

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Funded on 12/8/2017

Zoe from Chicago, IL

I am a mother who came to the U.S. for refuge. A foot brace will allow me to heal.

Since I came to America with my husband and daughter, I have been determined to heal. My doctor recommended a foot brace to assist me in recovery. More

Validated by Kirsten from Heartland Alliance

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Funded on 3/2/2018

Thomas from Chicago, IL

I am a recent refugee to the US. I need a phone with accesibility for the blind.

I need an iPhone because it excels in voice recognition and will be an invaluable tool in my new home country. More

Validated by Kirsten from Heartland Alliance

Heartland Alliance

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