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Founded in 1984, PATH is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering homeless people with the tools for self-sufficiency. PATH works towards this goal by providing services that help homeless people find work, save money, secure housing, and empower their lives.


My job title is Associate Director, PATH Los Angeles. I have been in this position since May 2011. In my role, I have the task of overseeing our emergency shelter in West Los Angeles. My work involves helping homeless individuals find housing and employment as they work towards… More
My job title is Resident Associate at PATH West Los Angeles. I have been in this position since 2006. I am a Resident Associate, meaning I make sure the residents have what they need, and keep the facility clean. With my other hat I am the volunteer coordinator for our Westside PATH facility. I… More
My job title is Senior Navigator and I have been in this position since November of 2011. My work involves assisting clients with permanent housing. What I like about my job is helping the clients get permanent housing and employed. Other positions I have held at my organization include… More
My job title is Regional Manager. I have been in this position since October 2012. My work involves working with people in the community, case managing residents at PATH Hollywood shelter, and helping our formerly homeless clients move from the shelter to permanent apartments. What I like about… More
My job title is Case Manager. I have been in this position since 07/11/2011. My work involves providing Case Managent support. As a Case Manager I provide in house support like linking individuals with housing resources, employment and food banks. What I like about my job is seeing the results… More

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Homeless for 2 years. Getting my own apartment and need furniture to make it a home.

Member: Aswad (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Matthew, PATH

I am a veteran and lost my job in 2009. I've worked hard to move from homelessness and need a futon to sleep on and kitchenware to cook with. More

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Need funded!

2 supporters
Funded on 9/20/2012

Moving from homelessness back to my nonprofit career; Need security deposit

Member: John David (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Matthew, PATH

I was the CEO of a nonproft but when the property was sold, I lost my home as well as my job. I need to pay the security deposit for a new apartment. More

$561of $555

Need funded!

11 supporters
Funded on 12/27/2012

Seeking a better job; need dentures to interview

Member: Guy (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Matthew, PATH

I am seeking dentures so I can get a better job than the one I have now. Then I will be able to move out of transitional housing and into my own home! More

$665of $665

Need funded!

16 supporters
Funded on 12/7/2012

Getting a job. Need security deposit to move into my own home and bring my daughters home

Member: Stefanie (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Sally, PATH

A security deposit will help me take the first step in getting a new apartment and starting a new life with my daughters, who will be able to join me. More

$880of $775

Need funded!

21 supporters
Funded on 12/24/2012

Getting back on my feet and I want to provide clothing for my three children

Member: Darrel (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Jo, PATH

By providing for my children I will take another step down the path of responsibility and strengthen our relationship despite our family's hard times. More

$665of $665

Need funded!

18 supporters
Funded on 1/18/2013

I'm looking for work and I need dentures to interview for jobs

Member: Toni (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Jo, PATH

I'm formerly homeless and looking for work. Having teeth would help in the interview process and help me appear more professional in the workplace. More

$670of $670

Need funded!

16 supporters
Funded on 4/18/2013

No longer homeless! Now I need a bed and furniture to continue rebuilding my life

Member: Frankie (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Aiko, PATH

Finally in an apartment but need a bed, kitchen supplies and more to make it a home and build back my health so I can work again. More

$560of $560

Need funded!

12 supporters
Funded on 6/24/2013

Homelessness damaged my health. Now need a fridge + grown-up trike to get healthy

Member: Bret (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Aiko, PATH

I walk with a cane + just got an apartment with no kitchen. Meeting this need will let me get exercise, buy and keep healthy food + regain my health. More

$670of $670

Need funded!

9 supporters
Funded on 5/16/2013

I'm leaving homelessness after 5 years! I need furnishings to make my new apartment a home.

Member: Stephanie (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Reina, PATH

Basic furnishings for my first place since being homeless will let me focus on my goals of getting an education and becoming a merchant mariner. More

$560of $560

Need funded!

6 supporters
Funded on 7/27/2013

Leaving homelessness behind. Need household items to make my new apartment home.

Member: George (Los Angeles, CA)
Validator: Aiko, PATH

After three years of homelessness, I'm grateful to be successfully housed. Some bedding and cleaning items will help make it home. More

$450of $450

Need funded!

7 supporters
Funded on 3/10/2014


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