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Anna-Marie Tamayo

Needs supported

I'm a mom needing to get my medical assistant diploma to move forward

Member: Lisa (Charlotte, NC)
Validator: Derrick, Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc.

I need help in getting my medical assistant diploma from Kaplan College so I can secure and maintain employment. More

$307of $725


7 supporters
Needed by 4/30/2014


I'm a mother of 3 starting work as a CNC machinist. I need gear + bus passes to get a job

Member: Sue (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Emily, Jane Addams Resource Corporation

I need steel-toed boots, safety glasses, & measuring instruments so I'll have my own gear on the job. I also need bus passes for my 1st month at work. More

$505of $505

Need funded!

27 supporters
Funded on 12/10/2013

Training for welding career - need equipment and transportation

Member: Tracy (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Emily, Jane Addams Resource Corporation

I need welding equipment and gas cards to get to and from my training. This will give me a career job with good money--better than I make now. More

$437of $420

Need funded!

15 supporters
Funded on 12/17/2012

Learned a new skill; need welding supplies to start working

Member: Tom (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Eric White, Jane Addams Resource Corporation

I went through welding training and need the right gear to start a new job. More

$280of $280

Need funded!

6 supporters
Funded on 11/30/2012

Truck repairs so I can work in 48 community gardens

Member: Lee (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Jackie, Claretian

I need to repair my truck. With my health issues and my truck not working, I can’t get to my garden sites and my income is based on that. More

$745of $720

Need funded!

18 supporters
Funded on 2/13/2012

Bus fare to take my great-grandchildren to school

Member: Francisca (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Adriana, Family Focus

I need four months of CTA passes so I can take my great-grandchildren to school while my granddaughter recovers from a serious car accident. More

$380of $380

Need funded!

8 supporters
Funded on 12/13/2011

Computer to keep my kids on the right track

Member: Doug (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Kristie, The Cara Program

I want to help my kids stay on the right path and a computer will help me be the best father I can be and give my kids the resources they need. More

$705of $705

Need funded!

12 supporters
Funded on 12/16/2011

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