I'm most proud of me because I'm a strong person and also a good mother to my children. I'm also proud because I have two handsome boys who love me unconditionally.

Something interesting about me is that I don't let small things take a toll on me.

I live with my mom, and I went to school at Austin Community High. I've worked at jobs including patient care, fast food, and retail.

My current situation is I have recently lost my twin baby boys at birth. When I lost my twins that was the hardest thing ever. I got fired from my job so now that's why I'm furthering my education.

I think of myself mostly as a good person because I'm always there to help others but no one is ever there for me, but it don't matter because I believe I am still getting my blessing.

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Tiffany from Chicago, IL

I'm a CNA who wants to be an LPN - need a laptop to take online classes

I currently have my CNA license and plan to become an LPN. I need a laptop so I can take online classes at home while parenting my two handsome boys. More

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