I think of myself mostly as a provider for my family. I am dependable, hard working employee and a loving father and husband.

I'm most proud of my three children. I will also be proud of myself when I pass our A+ exams in JARC's training program.

I went to school at Pensacola Christian College and Jane Addams Resource Corporation. I've worked at jobs including bus driver, valet, stager/loader, security officer, and advertising representative.

Something interesting about me is I like putting computers together and taking them apart.

I have always worked hard and been the sole provider for my family and I feel bad right now not being able to provide for my family due to my recent health problems.

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Funded on 12/24/2012

Charles from Chicago, IL

Car repairs so my family can get to work and school safely

Our family needs reliable transportation so my kids can get to school safely, my wife can get to work, and I can go to job interviews on-time. More

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