I think of myself mostly as a giver. There is just something about empowering another human being that I find personally rewarding.

I'm currently incarcerated in a women's prison. Before prison, I was an elementary school teacher. In prison, I've worked at many jobs, including editing the newspaper here, as a seamstress, and currently I work part time as a GED teaching assistant. The most I've ever made per hour in prison is $1.25.

I went to school at Ohio University through a special college program for the incarcerated. Very few women participate in this program.

I'm most proud of...oh, I don't know where to begin. Even though I am here in prison, I have become free in so many other ways. I've survived so much in my life, and I think when I began this, I didn't realize all I needed to heal from. I'm a survivor of domestic abuse, sexual assault, alcoholism...I've grown spiritually, and I feel like there is so much I can now pass on to the younger women here. I'm proud that I haven't used this time to do time. I've tried to use this time to redeem myself, to leave prison as an addition, an asset wherever I go. 

Something interesting about me is that I love to write. I've written poetry, essays, and I love interviewing for our newpaper here, and I just wrote my very first play! My play is called, "I've Met My Match."

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Susan from Chicago, IL

Need books to complete my master's degree in prison

Just finished my B.A. in prison and ready to start a master's program that will prepare me to teach other women in prison and change their lives. More

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