My name is Adriana and I’m the Site Coordinator at the Family Focus Center here. I work in the program for families with children 0-3 years old. I’ve been working at Family Focus for 23 years. I volunteered first for three months and then got hired by the Director. I like how we help people receive services, especially for children. It’s so important for immigrants that they get the information and resources they need to succeed. I’ve been doing different roles here over the years, but mostly coordinating the programs and doing home visits, recruiting parents and guiding them to succeed. I help them get more information about child development and education, and what children need to know for school. Some of the parents even went back to school and are working here now. Two have seen their children grow and go to school through college.

When you see sacrifice like this, and the extra work people put in, you feel it’s so worth it. Parents becoming leaders in the community, helping other parents, passing the word. A lot of our parents are very humble; their needs are great. We have a motto, “all for one and one for all.” We do whatever we need to in order to meet their needs, while recognizing our limits.

I’m happy that Benevolent is in our Center so that we can use this great resource for our families.


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The mission of Family Focus is to promote the well-being of children from birth by supporting and strengthening their families in and with their communities. Every day – at our eight direct service centers all around Chicago – our mission is realized through comprehensive family support services… More

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Bus fare to take my great-grandchildren to school

I need four months of CTA passes so I can take my great-grandchildren to school while my granddaughter recovers from a serious car accident. More

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