Rita Kashner

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Funded on 11/17/2014

Loredana from Chicago, IL

Defying stereotypes & pushing forward as a female welder! Work gear is all I need.

I'm a mother of 3 enrolled in a welding program. With work gear, employers will see my dedication and commitment to the trade. More

Validated by Jessica from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 11/14/2014

ZiZi from Chicago, IL

About to accept a new job! Need help with a security deposit in a safer neighborhood.

Where I live, there’s a lot of transphobia and men targeting women at night. With my new job and help with a deposit, I can move to safety. More

Validated by Ian from Youth Empowerment Performance Project

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Funded on 10/3/2014

Ben from Chicago, IL

I'm ready to start looking for work! Just need help with license fees to get started.

I'm very grateful to have secured a bike! License fees and a flash-drive to save my resume will make sure I'm ready to start applying for a job. More

Validated by Abby from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 10/15/2014

James from Berkeley, CA

Trained in Solar Installation; Tools will show employers I'm serious about work

My goal is to obtain a full-time job in this rewarding career path. Proper tools will show my dedication to the field. More

Validated by Melvin from Rising Sun Energy Center

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Funded on 10/14/2014

Ebony from Evanston, IL

Moving to a safe & stable place for my children. Need help with the security deposit.

I've secured a housing voucher, after months of homelessness. With the deposit, my family can move to a safer place as I work to become a nurse. More

Validated by Katie from Infant Welfare Society of Evanston

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Funded on 10/15/2014

Sarah from San Jose, CA

Mother of 6 working towards self-sufficiency; a sewing machine will help me succeed!

I'm currently attending sewing class, and hope to achieve my goal of opening an alteration store so I can provide for my family. More

Validated by Dora from Asian Americans for Community Involvement

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Funded on 10/6/2014

Ms. Mitchell from Charlotte, NC

Mother of 5 looking to re-enter the workforce; I need help renewing my certification.

My goal is to find a job in my former role as a Restaurant Manager, as I strive to be self-sufficient & work towards my goal of running a food truck. More

Validated by Kristina from Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc.

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Funded on 5/13/2014

Janesther from Detroit, MI

My car stopped working during my job hunt. Repairs will get my family back on track

I need my car repaired so that I can get my boys to school as well as their required appointments on-time. More

Validated by Paula from Black Family Development

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Funded on 5/13/2014

Kaytie from Inkster, MI

I want to ensure a successful future for my family. A laptop will help w/ school & build skills

A laptop with Microsoft Office will allow me to communicate with my children's schools, practice my computer skills, and help my kids with homework. More

Validated by Valerie from Starfish Family Services

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Funded on 3/9/2014

LaTanya from Chicago, IL

My family recently suffered a tragedy – I need to relocate my family for us to move forward

Doctors say it's a miracle my daughter is alive (not to mention mentally intact)! To continue healing & moving forward, we must move to a safer place. More

Validated by Natalie from LIFT-Chicago

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Funded on 3/25/2014

Penelope from Detroit, MI

I'm a recently unemployed mom needing car repairs to get son to needed doctor appts

Frequent doctor visits for my mentally ill son would be more manageable with my electronic control module fixed on my vehicle. More

Validated by Paula from Black Family Development

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Funded on 1/17/2014

Sandra from Berkeley, CA

I am disabled from polio & I need a wheelchair for mobility, safety, & independence

I have limited mobility, miss my appointments, and cannot go out in public or do grocery shopping. A wheelchair will help in all aspects of my life. More

Validated by Andrea from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Funded on 1/27/2014

Atsede from Oakland, CA

I’m an immigrant who's been in the US 20 years. I need citizenship application fees

Being a citizen will help me with job opportunities, but I need the fingerprint and application fees. I also look forward to voting. More

Validated by Kimberly from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland)

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Funded on 12/29/2013

Kelleye from Detroit, MI

I am determined to get my GED; I need a computer to access my schoolwork

I need a laptop with Microsoft office software. I am determined to get my GED and don't want lack of access to a computer to get in my way. More

Validated by Charnita from Coalition On Temporary Shelter

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Funded on 12/25/2013

Rodney from Charlotte, NC

I'm a student at Strayer Univ. I need help with class fees for my BA in Business Administration.

I'm on a payment plan but I need help with 1/2 the class fee. When I pass, I'll qualify for financial aid for the rest of my classes toward my BA. More

Validated by Noah from Speak Up Magazine

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Funded on 12/26/2013

Jose from Chicago, IL

I'm ready to start interviewing for welding jobs; I need safety equipment to work.

I've been studying to become a welder for months and the proper equipment will help to prepare me for interviews and to start my welding career! More

Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 12/24/2013

Fred from San Jose, CA

I am a refugee from Iran and need tools to start an auto mechanic business

I am learning to be an auto mechanic and would like to start a micro-business of on-site car repair, but need tools to get it started. More

Validated by Jahannaz from Asian Americans for Community Involvement

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Funded on 12/25/2013

Leo from Santa Ana, CA

I'm trained in construction. Now I need transportation to take advantage of an apprenticeship

I just finished a Construction Training Program. Now I need help buying a dependable, used vehicle to get to work so I can take an AGC apprenticeship. More

Validated by David from Taller San Jose

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Funded on 12/24/2013

Elizabeth from East SF Bay, CA

I'm ready to become a teacher & I need help to qualify for student aid

I'm ready to go to college, get my teaching degree, and start my career, but I need to pay previous tuition obligations to qualify for financial aid. More

Validated by Michelle from Opportunity Junction

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