My job title is a social worker at The Women's Project. We are an Alternative to Detention and Incarceration program that provides legal advocacy, education and service provision to women. We aim to transfer the existing culture of the criminal court and permanently decrease the number of women City jails and Prisons. The Women’s Project is provide holistic, integrative, culturally competent and person-centered services, while creating a space where women can learn, grow and gather support from a community.


The Women's Project The Women's Project
The Women’s Project is part of a unique partnership with public defender offices throughout NYC and the District Attorney of New York. The partnership identifies and secures the release of these women. And when they get out the Women’s Project provides each woman with transportation assistance… More

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Mary from Brooklyn, NY

I want to get back to work! With a laptop I can apply and then work from home.

I'm a single mom. As I handle my child's virtual learning, I need a laptop of my own so I can send resumes and try and find work online! More

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