I am the NCP Director for South Chicago at Claretian Associates.  I have been doing this for 4.5 years.  Personally, I have seen a disconnect between community education and community development.  I want to bridge those gaps.  I have attended numerous community meetings and realized that no one was talking to each other—schools folks and educators weren’t talking to community development people --and a huge disconnect exists with artists trying to work in communities.  There were no doors-- no gateways-- where people could come together to plan and work collaboratively.  I wanted to be that person to make sure that these relationships happen. That’s when the New Communities Program position with LISC became available, and basically, I was to facilitate a Quality of Life plan that was written by the community. My job was to help make sure that the strategies that the community had put together could actually happen. I found this opportunity to be directly aligned with my goals… to make those types of connections happen.


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Since 1991, Claretian Associates has developed over 130 affordable houses and apartments in South Chicago, a community with a rich history and a strong future. Claretian Associates builds community within the culturally diverse neighborhood of South Chicago by working with community leaders,… More

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Lee from Chicago, IL

Truck repairs so I can work in 48 community gardens

I need to repair my truck. With my health issues and my truck not working, I can’t get to my garden sites and my income is based on that. More

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Isadora from Chicago, IL

Teaching certificate tuition so I can offer classes

I want to get my certificate in dance instruction, so I can teach through community organizations. I need to pay tuition for these classes. More

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