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My job title is Sr. Program Manager. I have been in this position since March 2009.

My work involves managing programs that provide services to the hard to assist populations. These services assist our clients with the tools and resources needed to allow them to be more self sufficient and leads them and their families to economic advancement.

What I like about my job is the opportunity to help others. Other positions I have held at my organization include Case Management and Trainer.

In the future, I would like to continue to serve and help others.


Heartland AllianceHeartland Alliance
Heartland Alliance believes that all of us deserve the opportunity to improve our lives. Each year, we help ensure this opportunity for more than one million people around the world who are homeless, living in poverty, or seeking safety. Our policy efforts strengthen communities; our comprehensive… More

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Just got a new, full-time job but need my driver's license to keep it

Member: Tony (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Latosha, Heartland Alliance

Since my new job requires a driver's license, I need to get it back to keep working. I'm the main provider for my family and blessed to be working. More

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Need a driver's license to be considered for jobs

Member: Leo (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Latosha, Heartland Alliance

I'm looking for work and need to pay fees to get my license back. I've interviewed with employers who say if I get my license they can consider me. More

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