I worked for after-school programs before I went back to school. I graduated last spring as an RN from Truman College and have been looking for a job since then. After I finished school I did not have enough money to pay for two certifications that I need in order to work at a hospital that hires new graduates. 

I am married with two children and live in an apartment. My husband is a machinist and lost his job while I was in college. He worked for a temp agency for the past couple years. He just found a new full-time job.

I am originally from Mexico City and moved to Chicago with the rest of my family. My mother was a police officer and was threatened, so we decided to leave Mexico City because it was unsafe. My husband is from El Salvador and has to pay $500 a year to keep his employment authorization card. We have two sons. One was recently diagnosed with a minor heart problem and is receiving care to supervise his progress. We do not know what is wrong, but will keep monitoring him and hopefully diagnose his problem.

My near future aspirations are to work as a nurse. I really need a job, so it is hard to focus on anything else. I also want to go back to school for my BA in nursing while I work. I have a long way to go but I know what steps I need to take to get there.

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Christina from Chicago, IL

Certifications to work as a registered nurse

I need two nursing certifications that will help me find a job at a hospital that hires new RN graduates. More

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