I am currently a Visiting Angel. I go to houses of elderly people and do work for them. I have been doing this for 2 years. 

I was living in Uganda with my father and stepmother, until my mother wanted my siblings and I to come to the US. I was living with my mother, sisters, and brother until I got a job and began living on my own. Now we all have places of our own.  

My daughter and I live in an apartment that we have had for 6 months. My husband will be joining us when he is done student teaching. We will have been married a year in August. My husband is nice and he met me when my daughter was one. I was scared to have someone strange near my daughter. I grew up with my stepmom and I didn't want my daughter to have someone treating her badly. But we are doing well. 

Right now, I am in school to be a nurse at a hospital. I like helping people. I hope one day I can go back to my country and help there.

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Samantha from Evanston, IL

Bed for my growing daughter

My daughter is almost three and still sleeping in a crib. I would like to get her a twin bed, which will be used as she continues to grow. More

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