Marja S Laaksonen

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Funded on 10/30/2016

Bri from Bay Area, CA

On the path out of homelessness! Furniture & cookware will make my apartment a home.

I need basic essentials like kitchen items, bedding, towels, lighting, and rugs to help make my new apartment feel like home. More

Validated by Aiko from PATH

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Funded on 2/17/2017

Jorge from San Francisco, CA

Low-income college student studying for a tech career. A coding bootcamp will help me get there!

My mother brought me to the US at the age of six from El Salvador, and I'm ready to start a career in tech to bring us both a better future. More

Validated by Leonardo from Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)

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Funded on 4/14/2016

Helpman from Chicago, IL

Eager to graduate college & become a teacher. I need help with 1 semester of tuition to continue in my program.

In 2011, I became the first person in my family to go to college. After overcoming 5 years of homelessness, I'm ready to go back! More

Validated by Shayna from Inspiration Corporation

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Funded on 5/7/2016

Jazz from Oakland, CA

Studying business while working part-time. A laptop will enable me to graduate!

Balancing school and work is next to impossible without a laptop at home to complete my assignments. More

Validated by Tempest from Beyond Emancipation

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Funded on 1/5/2015

Ebonie from Detroit, MI

Want to make sure my son thrives in school; Need help paying for his school supplies.

I have a son starting school & a newborn to care for. With this help, I can continue supporting my family & stay focused on my goals. More

Validated by Erika from The Empowerment Plan

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Funded on 12/31/2014

Bruce from Charlotte, NC

I'm in need of a vehicle to help in my job search & to get my kids to school.

I've sold my old car to help raise money for a more reliable vehicle. My kids' education & my employment are dependent on reliable transportation. More

Validated by Takisha from Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc.

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Funded on 12/22/2014

Deborah from Detroit, MI

Living with MS & finally housed after homelessness; A bed will help reduce pain

Recently transitioned to a home after years of homelessness. A new bed will give me the rest I need to focus on my goals of work & school. More

Validated by Chaunise from Wayne County-Detroit Disability Network

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Funded on 4/19/2014

Alexander from Oakland, CA

Lack of education has held me back. I need to study & get my GED for a better future.

My goal is to get a good job that can sustain my bills and housing. First, I need to raise the fees for the GED course and exams. More

Validated by Kamela from Beyond Emancipation

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Funded on 4/23/2014

Alice from Chicago, IL

After 32yrs of homelessness, I've finally got an apartment of my own; now I need furniture.

I need furniture so I have somewhere to sleep & somewhere to put my belongings. This will help me sleep better & have more energy to find a job. More

Validated by Allison from LIFT-Chicago

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Funded on 3/17/2014

Nichole from Oakland, CA

I’m a former foster youth & I need car repairs to get to work & school

I’m a student in San Francisco and in transitional housing in the East Bay. I need new brakes and alignment to make the commute safely. More

Validated by Kamela from Beyond Emancipation

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Funded on 3/14/2014

Ms. Mac from Berkeley, CA

I’m homeless + returning to school. I need a computer and backpack to be a student.

I am studying psychology and hope to be a school counselor. First, I need to continue my studies, get work, and get out of the shelter. More

Validated by LaDiamond from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Funded on 8/28/2013

Kenneth from Charlotte, NC

I'm a homeless Air Force veteran seeking help with security deposit

I just celebrated 1 year on my job and can get an apartment so I can stop living in my car. I have money saved, but need help. More

Validated by Phyllis from Aminah Ministries

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Funded on 7/17/2013

Louis from San Diego, CA

I'm off to UC Berkeley on a full scholarship but I need supplies & a train ticket to get there

I'm an asylee. I studied hard in community college & got into the school of my dreams! Now I need to get there and buy my dorm and school supplies. More

Validated by Tammy from Survivors of Torture, International

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