Rose Bailey

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Funded on 11/11/2014

Larry from Chicago, IL

I'm a newly housed Navy veteran. A bed will get me off the floor & ease my pain.

Recently moved into unfurnished senior housing; a bed & household items will help me sleep so I can go to work on time & reduce the pain in my hips. More

Validated by Margaret from North Side Housing and Supportive Services

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Funded on 8/28/2013

Kenneth from Charlotte, NC

I'm a homeless Air Force veteran seeking help with security deposit

I just celebrated 1 year on my job and can get an apartment so I can stop living in my car. I have money saved, but need help. More

Validated by Phyllis from Aminah Ministries

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Funded on 7/20/2013

William from Charlotte, NC

I have a mowing business and need a pressure washer to make a livable income in the winter.

Reel Men Mowing needs a pressure washer so we can increase our income and not end up on the streets come Winter. More

Validated by Matt from Speak Up Magazine

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Funded on 7/31/2013

Michael from Chicago, IL

I'm a new high school grad and I need a laptop to study accounting in college this fall

I'm going to Baldwin Wallace University. If I have a laptop, I'll be able to succeed because I'll be able to do research and have the programs I need. More

Validated by Ty from Metrosquash

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