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I think of myself mostly as a single mother who is trying to raise her daughter to be all that she can be no matter what comes her way in life. I'm most proud of the way my daughter is flourishing in her conversation and how fast she learns new concepts which exceed the average child her age.

I live with my parents, siblings, and my daughter. I went to school at Chicago State University. I've worked at jobs including RTA and Walmart. Something interesting about me is I am a hardworking, single mother who only wants the best for her child.

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Supplies for my daughter to go to school

Member: Chrissy (Chicago, IL)
Validator: Bridget, New Global Destiny Int'l Ministries

My daughter will be starting school next year and I need to get her her uniforms, her shots, and pay the school fees. More

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Funded on 6/14/2012


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