I live with friends and I went to school at Sullivan House Alternative H.S.
I've worked at jobs including summer employment as a childcare assistance and Bishop Shepard Little.
I think of myself mostly as a positive, hardworking, indepentdent, caring person. I'm most proud of having my child and graduating from H.S. and most importantly being accepted to SIU.
Something interesting about me is that I am a good writer, very supportive, responsible, intellegent, and reliable and resiliant.
I have been on my own without support of my family (mother, father...) for the past 3 years since I have had my child. It forced me to mature and be responsible regardless of the many challlenges that I faced over the past years. I am convinced that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. I am determined.

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Funded on 8/7/2012

Jean from Chicago, IL

Deposit for college housing at Southern Illinois University

I need $500 for deposit for family housing/apartment at Southern Illinois University for the fall of 2012. More

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