My job title is Home Visitor Supervisor. I have been in this position since January, 2008. My work involves supporting teen mothers, encouraging them to delay a 2nd pregnancy while in HS, use an effective birth control method, graduate from high school and be the best parent that they can be.

What I like about my job is encouranging and educating teen mothers about their opportunities beyond high schools. Aspiring them to look beyond what they are accustomed to seeing everyday of their lives. It is pleasing to work with ladies who may have been given up on because they became a teen mother, and then to see the result of a growing seed. Holding them responsible for their actions and making them realize that they have the power within themselves to succeed regardless of what their environment may look like or what they may have experienced in their short lives. It is my enjoyment to take a difficult situation and guide the ladies on how to gain a positive resolution on that challenge. Never to give up and finish the task at hand.

Other positions I have held at my organization include Chair for AOK/SIDS workshop and Co-chair for SCI's Baby Shower. In the future, I would like continue to work with the teen population and counsel them as needed.
My passion to work with young people (teens) is gratifying and rewarding, especially when it is followed with success. I believe that it if given the right guidance, tools, and opportunity, no matter the circumstances or challenges individuals may have had, they will overcome and become successful and self-sufficient. Treating the young people with respect and dignity and believing in them, gives them a motivation and drive to acheive their endeavors. I have worked with young people all of my life, even as a teen myself. As a teen golf instructor and youth manager, I have facilitated, organized and administrate various programs for the needs of the community. My career includes workig for Black Entertainment Television and a national Marketing Manager. Additionally, my past work includes sales and advertising for WYCA radio station. My future endeavor(fall/2012) is to work on my master's MA in Counseling/Psychology.


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