Amber Heinze

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Funded on 5/2/2016

Teresa from Chicago, IL

Recently widowed. A new bed will give me a safe, clean environment to rest & rebuild.

I was recently widowed after losing my husband to cancer. I need a bed to get the proper rest so I can stay self -sufficient on my job. More

Validated by Da'Sean from The Cara Program

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Funded on 12/31/2015

Margarita from Rockford, IL

My kids & I survived abuse. We need help moving to Arizona to be closer to family!

I need help moving my family to Arizona. Meeting this need will help us by moving us away from verbal & physical abuse & closer to our support system. More

Validated by Jordyn from La Voz Latina

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Funded on 12/20/2015

Jewels from Chicago, IL

I'm supporting my daughter & grandchild! One month's rent will keep us stably housed.

My goals are provide the type of life for my daughter & grandson that I didn't have. One month's rent will help us stay housed & keep moving forward! More

Validated by Anna from North Side Housing and Supportive Services

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Funded on 1/14/2016

Lore from Chicago, IL

My son was diagnosed with Leukemia in Sept. He needs a chemical-free mattress to heal

Making our home clean, chemical-free and organic is critical to my son's ability to heal. I need to buy an chemical-free mattress and air purifier! More

Validated by Annie from Erie Elementary Charter School

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Funded on 8/30/2015

Janie from Chicago, IL

Moving to a safe, affordable community. I need moving expenses!

I'm a retired social worker on disability. I can afford rent but not a security deposit or moving expenses. More

Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 6/17/2015

Laurita from Chicago, IL

I'm studying ecological restoration & need boots and rain gear to work.

To work outside I need steel toed boots and rain gear, which I can't afford without a job. This will help me support my son with my new career. More

Validated by Nichole from North Side Housing and Supportive Services

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Funded on 5/18/2015

Charles from Chicago, IL

Finally working again! Now all I need is a security deposit so I'll be housed.

I've been homeless since 2013, staying with family & friends. Now I have a job & can afford to rent a place of my own, but I need a security deposit. More

Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 6/23/2015

Nathanial from Chicago, IL

Working & ready for a better job. Getting my Class D license is the next step.

I am looking for a new position in custodial work, which requires a Class D driver's license. I need to take a driving class & then take the test. More

Validated by Kayla from Center for Changing Lives

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Funded on 7/29/2014

Melissa from Inkster, MI

Working again after losing my job 4 yrs ago! I need beds for my growing teenagers.

I'm a single mom raising two teenage boys and a young girl I recently took in. I just started working again but can't purchase beds for everyone with my budget. More

Validated by Trisha from Starfish Family Services

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Funded on 4/2/2014

Umar from Chicago, IL

Living in poverty & homelessness for 20 yrs; A bus home is my 1st step to a new life

I need to make positive changes in my life. I know that if I can get home to my family in Atlanta, I can get off the streets and get my life on track. More

Validated by Dan from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 2/19/2014

Supermom from Oakland, CA

I’m a hard-working mom but my kids & I need shoes & I need professional clothes to succeed at work

Currently I have to borrow work boots so that I have appropriate attire. My kids also each only have one pair of shoes. We just need some basics. More

Validated by Kamela from Beyond Emancipation

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Funded on 12/11/2015

Max Grace from Evanston, IL

Rebuilding after domestic violence! I need furniture to rebuild my kids' stability.

It feels wonderful to be putting my life back together: my kids are in school & I found a job. The only thing we're lacking is furniture for our home! More

Validated by Katie from Infant Welfare Society of Evanston

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Funded on 1/22/2014

Veronica from Chicago, IL

I'm ready to work, but I don't have a work visa yet. I need passports for me and my daughter

I need to get passports for me & my daughter so we can begin the U-Visa process. Then I can become legally employed and work to support my family. More

Validated by Paloma from Chicago Children's Advocacy Center

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Funded on 12/11/2013

Adrian from East SF Bay, CA

I’m graduating high school and want to go to college, but I need money for the applications

I will be the first in my family to attend college to pursue a pharmaceutical career. My parents support this, but do not have the funds to help me. More

Validated by Andrea from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership

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Funded on 12/15/2013

Marie from Chicago, IL

I'm a working mother and I need living room furniture so our home feels complete

I just got promoted and got a new apartment. But after I pay rent, utilities, food, & other expenses, I don't have money left for furniture. More

Validated by Julie from The Cara Program

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