I'm attending school 5 days a week for welding training at Jane Addams Resource Corporation. I came here because I want to get a career and I've always been interested in welding. 

I think of myself mostly as a student who is trying to change his life by getting a degree in welding. I made some bad choices in the past which led to jail time, and I'm looking to move forward from the past. Getting a career in welding is going to allow me to be responsible for my self-sufficiency.

I live with my brother. He's allowing me to stay there until I finish my education and start working and saving money.

I went to school at St. Charles North High School where I received my high school diploma. I've worked jobs at hospitals and factories. 

Something interesting about me is that I snowboard and travel. I'm most proud of making the decision to start an education in welding.

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Funded on 11/30/2012

Tom from Chicago, IL

Learned a new skill; need welding supplies to start working

I went through welding training and need the right gear to start a new job. More

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