I think of myself mostly as a hardworking mother. I have five children from 5 to 21 years old, and my focus is on them. I work to provide for them, and I leave work to come home and take care of them--from helping with homework to having movie nights as a family. I grew up in a family where not much love was shown to me, so I am making sure to give extra love to my children and I want to provide them with a future.

I'm most proud of how far I have come. To overcome the hurt from the way I was raised and with my family, I drank a lot in my teen years to numb the pain and I was very insecure. By getting more involved in church, and coming through Cara, and focusing the love I had inside of me towards my kids, I have been able to become comfortable in my own skin and be a better mother to my own children.

I live with my children in an apartment of our own.

I went to school at Englewood High School and am now pursuing classes at Kennedy King City College.

I've worked at jobs including customer service, from working in big retail chains and hotels, to the food and service industry in restaurants as a cook and server.

Something interesting about me is I absolutely love board games and card games. Monopoly and Sorry are my favorites, and I make sure that we have family game nights at my house.

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Mary from Chicago, IL

Working, parenting & about to attend college; need laptop for my schoolwork

Managing a schedule of work, school, and being a mom is going to be hard, but my study time could be taken with me if I have a laptop computer. More

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