My job title is Job/Advancement Coach at Cincinnati Works.
My work includes participating in our Job Readiness Workshop and instructing CW Members on the advantages of networking, conducting in a professional manner, presenting well in the interview process, and resourcing to cultivate new job opportunities. In working with the Members in our Advancement program, we begin to focus on how to utilize skills and experiences to advance into new career opportunities.
What I enjoy about my job is the interaction we have with CW Members as they navigate their way through our process – empowering themselves with the necessary tools to remove their barriers and begin to find success. Nothing can replace the amount of joy that someone expresses as they overcome hurdles they could not see past prior to joining Cincinnati Works. My job is rewarding and fulfilling through the relationships we build with our Members via their trust and perseverance.


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Cincinnati Works will partner with all willing and capable people living in poverty to assist them in advancing to economic self-sufficiency through employment.

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Aisha from Cincinnati, OH

Gainfully employed until the company closed; Car repairs will help me find employment

Reliable transportation will not only allow me to make it to interviews, it will also allow me to be a reliable, punctual employee and retain my job. More

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Sheila from Cincinnati, OH

Recent grad with social work degree; My license exam is last step to my dream career!

With my limited income, I'm unable to save for my LSW exam. Obtaining my license will help me secure a stable job & propel me forward in my career. More

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