Alyse Athans

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Funded on 1/5/2015

Jose from Chicago, IL

Ready to apply for a job with the transit system, but I need work gear to get hired.

As a construction worker, I have the skills for the job, but I need work boots, safety gear, and a uniform to get hired. More

Validated by Marlen from Center for Changing Lives

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Funded on 1/5/2015

Bret from Los Angeles, CA

I won't let blindness stop me from finishing my novel! A few tools are all I need.

I'm proud to have restarted my life after homelessness. Meeting this need will help me read & write again! More

Validated by Aiko from PATH

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Funded on 11/14/2014

ZiZi from Chicago, IL

About to accept a new job! Need help with a security deposit in a safer neighborhood.

Where I live, there’s a lot of transphobia and men targeting women at night. With my new job and help with a deposit, I can move to safety. More

Validated by Ian from Youth Empowerment Performance Project

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Funded on 3/14/2014

Ms. Mac from Berkeley, CA

I’m homeless + returning to school. I need a computer and backpack to be a student.

I am studying psychology and hope to be a school counselor. First, I need to continue my studies, get work, and get out of the shelter. More

Validated by LaDiamond from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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