I am a single mother of an 11 month old son. I recently lost my job which resulted in my son no longer qualifying for the daycare program he was in. Shortly after losing my job I was forced to move from my mom's and into the shelter where I am now staying. Fortunately, my son was able to stay at my mother's which, at least, means he has a safe roof over his head. 

I miss being around my son as often as I would if we were living together. Even though my son stays with my mother I still am his primary caregiver. My time is split between my mom's and the transitional home so I am able to take care of my son. Even though he lives with my mother I still take him to where he needs to go, in addition to the basic mothering needs he requires. Every day I make sure he eats, is bathed, his clothes are washed, and he is read to. I never leave before he falls asleep.

I am committed to improving my quality of life so that I can move forward with my goal of returning to school next spring, finding a job and getting an apartment for my son and me. I would like to get a degree in microbiology.

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Grace from Chicago, IL

Car repairs so I can look for employment

I need to get my car repaired so I can have a reliable source of transportation to look for and get to and from work. More

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