My job title is Transition Specialist. My work involves managing a caseload of individuals that have emancipated from the foster care system. Our transition division not only grants them with temporary section 8 vouchers, provide case management and 1-on-1 coaching, but also assists our clients with tools and resources so that by the end of the program they have established stable and permanent life domains.

What I love about my job is building relationships with all the staff and the BE participants in the program and being able to see their growth. Many of our youth come from traumatic circumstances and have managed to achieve their goals in multiple domains through the support of their case managers and other BE staff. I feel honored to have been able to provide permanency for each participant in our program, while being apart of their successful outcome.


Beyond Emancipation Beyond Emancipation
Beyond Emancipation's mission is to help current and former foster and probation youth make successful transitions into adulthood and independence.

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