I am the Exec. Director and part of a dedicated team of all volunteers at The Community Builder. My work involves providing support services to disadvantaged families, unsheltered homeless and unaccompanied youth who visit our resource center to assist them in becoming self-sufficient.

We provide internet accessible computers, basic computer skills, digital and financial literacy certificate classes and workforce development. Our community cares program helps with providing job interview clothing, survival backpacks to make life easier for those living on the street and a warms safe place where anyone is welcome to drop in. Additional, we partner with government agencies and community organization to provide clothing vouchers and home furnishings for their clients in need.

The most rewarding part about the work I do is being there when someone you help succeeds at getting off the street and moving into a place of their own. No matter how difficult, its that moment that makes it all worth it.


Community Builder, Inc Community Builder, Inc
The Community Builder, Inc is dedicated to providing support and resources to dis-advantaged and financially-distressed individuals and families in order to help them become more self-sufficient

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Funded on 6/7/2016

Charles from Nampa, ID

Working and ready to find stable housing. A security deposit will get me there!

I recently faced homelessness and been living out of my car. I can now afford rent, but with my current wages I can't save up for my security deposit. More

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Funded on 7/7/2016

Thomas from Nampa, ID

On the path out of homelessness. A vehicle will help me move forward and find work.

I can't rely on public transportation to reach opportunities. Being able to drive will help me regain my self-worth! More

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Funded on 6/21/2016

Kristina from Nampa, ID

My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. A bed will bring him the rest he needs.

I need help with getting a hospital bed for my dad because his medical insurance denied coverage for it. He is currently sleeping on the couch. More

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Funded on 5/12/2017

Ann from Nampa, ID

Homeless and working. One down payment will give me the safe shelter I need.

Right now I have been staying in a hotel or in my car. An RV trailer will give me a safe space to stay each night as I save for my own place. More

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Bernie from Nampa, ID

Living with MS & on my way out of homelessness. Help w/ utilities will get me housed!

A place of my own will give me inner peace and hope that I can live a normal life without the worry of where to sleep from day to day. More

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Randy-Jo from Nampa, ID

I was diagnosed with PTSD after surviving a tornado. With 1 security I can overcome homelessness!

I need with help with a security deposit to get off the street and get in to a place of my own. I can afford the monthly rent, just not the deposit. More

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Funded on 4/30/2017

Wayne from Nampa, Idaho

I'm a dad trying to get back home. One bus ticket will reunite me with my family.

I need a one-way bus ticket home to Gastonia, North Carolina, where I will have more job opportunities and can be with my kids. More

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