I am renting a bedroom from my brother in his house and living there with my three children. My wife left me and my three children when my youngest child was six months old. I have a seven year old boy, eight year old girl, and an eleven year old girl. My children all go to a public school in Evanston.

Right now I am working in a company that distributes ethnic foods to different grocery stores. I work 40 hours a week.  I have to pay for a babysitter because I need to work and there is no one to watch my children. I pay for school supplies, food, and utilities, and even though I am renting a bedroom I pay for the lights and gas.

My future goal is to see my children grow and go to school. My children want to go to college and get an education. But I know that this is really difficult.

I also want to move out of my brother's house and rent my own apartment. I have tried to do this but I am always asked if I have previous credit, which I do not.

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Jose from Chicago, IL

Winter clothing for my children

My goal right now is to get winter clothing for my children. They need jackets, boots, socks, hats and gloves. More

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