I think of myself mostly as a strong dedicated mother to four children for whom I would go above and beyond to provide for. So much so, that although I have a 3 week-old infant who is still currently in the hospital I make time to visit him, take care of my other three children, and go to training. 

I'm most proud of having the strength to do all of these things, because sometimes I want to break down, but I can't and I won't. I want a better life for me and my children and I'm trying to get us there. 

I live with my mother and my kids in a three-bedroom apartment. My kids and I share one room. 

I had to leave school at 16 to have my first son, but I still went back and got my GED. Now, I'm enrolled in a CNC machining program at Jane Addams Resource Corporation that I expect to complete in April 2013.

I've worked in the manufacturing industry for over three years doing assembly, palletizing, operating machines, and pick/packing. 

Something interesting about me is no matter what I'm an optimist and I always see the sliver lining. 

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Shawnta from Chicago, IL

Warm winter boots and supplies for my children and steel-toed work boots for me

I need just a little help to make it through the next 2 months of job training before I'll have a better paying career as a machinist. More

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