I live with my fiance, my five kids and my elderly father. I graduated high school from Austin Academy. I also graduated from Olympia College as a Medical Assistant. I am currently enrolled at Jane Addams Resource Corporation, Fast Track for Welding Operators.

I think of myself as a strong, independent, self aware and out spoken person and because of that I can see mistakes I have made in my life. This has made me a better person for my family and as well as family and friends.  I'm proud to say that I am the proud father of 2 girls and 3 boys. They look up to me in ways that I will never comprehend.

I think of myself mostly as a loving father and good husband who just wants the best for my family.  

I'm most proud of the fact that my kids look up to me as a king and even though in my heart I feel like a novice. It gives me strength to know that they are relying on my strength.

I've worked at jobs including assistant manager, warehouse, shipping and receiving, customer service and product maintenance.

Something interesting about me is I am a people person and I am funny! In all of my previous jobs, coworkers would hope to be on my shift because I gave them motivation and showed leadership.

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Buddy from Chicago, IL

Starting my career in the welding field; need protective equipment

I need welding equipment for employment. For me to have these items would mean a better chance at the job, and better things for my family. More

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