I started working at a very young age, so I have potential. I had a rough childhood and I am striving for my children to not live through what I lived through. I don't want them to have it so hard. I want to be able to offer them a better education and be a positive influence on them. I think of myself mostly as a strong person. I have a strong personality. I don't like to give up on anything.

I'm most proud of my life today and my children. I live with my four year old daughter. I have visits with my thirteen year old daughter every weekend. Despite the bad decisions I made before, I am a better parent today and more focused on a positive life style.

I got my GED in Puerto Rico and attended a little bit of college there. I've been in a few job readiness training programs. I also completed a program at United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago on Direct Service Provider.

I've worked at jobs including being a parent leader in the community, as a teacher's aide, and in construction and remodeling since I was a teenager. I've also worked as a machine operator. I've done everything from scrubbing toilets to ceilings.

I am very family-orientated. I try to visit everyone different weekends. I also cook for the holiday - Thanksgiving, Christmas. I invite every single person who doesn't have a seperate family to spend the holidays with. I also throw all my kids' birthday parties at my house - three months in a row: February, March, and April

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Funded on 12/24/2012

Anita from Chicago, IL

Need welding gear and gas cards as I train to be a welder and provide for my kids.

If I can continue to get to my classes, appointments, and purchase safety equipment I can get the job I trained for and take care of my daughters. More

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