Benevolent Giving Cards

Give the gift of giving! You can donate to buy a Benevolent Giving Card and gift it to someone important to you. Giving cards can be $5 to $100 and you can buy as many as you need for friends, family, coworkers, or customers, who can use their giving cards to support needs on Benevolent.

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How do you use a Benevolent Giving Card?

You can use your Benevolent Giving Cards online at Just click “Support” for any single need posted to the site, and enter your giving card code when prompted. That's it!

To support more than one need with your giving card, just repeat the “Support” process for multiple needs until you exhaust the balance of your giving card.

Terms and Conditions

Giving cards can be used (“allocated”) in support of specific needs on the Benevolent site. The receiver of the giving card has received the gift of allocating donated funds. The purchaser of the giving card has made a donation to Benevolent and can reflect that donation for tax-related purposes.

Benevolent Giving Cards must be used (“allocated”) to support a need on the site within six (6) months after the purchase (“donation”) date. If you have provided an email address for the recipient of the giving card, s/he will receive an email reminder prior to the six-month date if donated funds remain unallocated. If the giving card has unused (“unallocated”) funds by the six-month date, Benevolent will apply the funds towards the fulfillment of the Benevolent mission.

If a giving card purchaser informs Benevolent of a mistake in purchasing, Benevolent will provide a refund, as long as notification occurs withing 30 days of purchase.

Upon notification of a lost giving card, Benevolent will re-send the e-card to the email address of its most recent recipient.

As Benevolent Giving Cards are electronic, Benevolent cannot replace stolen cards.