Easterseals Community Outreach needs food, diapers and personal hygiene items.

Easterseals Community Outreach needs food, diapers and personal hygiene items.

Clients of Easterseals Community Outreach are in critical need of a number of items. Deliveries to Easterseals Community Outreach have been drastically curtailed due to the COVID-19 crisis, and the approximately 550 families who rely on it are starting to experience severe food insecurity and a lack of critical hygiene products.

The goal of Easterseals Community Outreach is to provide these items to families and individuals during this time of crisis, until the emergency passes and normal deliveries can be resumed. Easterseals Community Outreach is a critical resource and backstop against hunger in the economically disadvantaged Port Jervis community.

Pictured on the right are Maggie Deming and Amy Delgado.

Maggie moved from Brooklyn to Port Jervis seven years ago to find safer schools for her eight children, ages 8-22. She heard about Easterseals Community Outreach through word of mouth and has been relying on it for food assistance ever since—especially now with stores' shelves in town empty. “Without them we would really be struggling,” she said.

Amy moved from the Bronx three years ago to find a safe and peaceful place outside of the city. She has three children, and feels very grateful that Community Outreach is there to help with food, clothes and household goods. “They have been so helpful to all of us,” she said.

Donations will go towards supporting families like these in this exceptional time of crisis.

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Easterseals Community Outreach from Port Jervis, NY

Easterseals Community Outreach: Essential Supplies

There are 550 families that rely on Easterseals Community Outreach for help. We are helping raise funds for food, diapers, and hygiene products in this unprecedented crisis. More

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