Emily from Evanston, IL

Security deposit so I can move my family to safety

I need money for a security deposit to move my family as quickly as possible so we can be safe from our abuser.


Jennifer lets us know that Emily has moved into her new, safe apartment Jul 11, 2012

The last time I talked to Emily, she was loving her apartment and was so thankful benevolent was able to help her family! When Emily moved into her new apartment with her kids, she moved out of our area, so she is no longer in our program.


My family goal is to be at peace. Right now I am worried all the time, and if we had our own place we would be safe.

Right now, my biggest challenge is having a safe place to stay. The programs out there to help me would take months to get me and my family into my own apartment. I have not went to a shelter because I have girls and don't feel safe taking them there, and shelters aren't long term. I want a stable home for my family.

I'm most proud of making this choice to leave him. I've taken the necessary steps to make sure my family will be ok after being in a violent relationship for many years. I'm also proud that I am doing things on my own. Working hard every day at work and at home with 4 children.

My current situation is that I am working full time and have 4 kids to support. At this time I have not been able to save money for a security deposit due to other expenses. I have left a domestic violent relationship and need to move because the abuser knows where I live.

My situation is unexpected and has made everything in my life difficult. I am working my hardest to make everything ok. This is the last obstacle that we are facing. Being able to relocate will help me and my kids be able to live a normal life. Right now we are always watching our backs because people know where we live.

I would really appreciate any help you are able to give! I am very thankful there are people out there like you!

I think of myself as a single mother of 4 who is dedicated to doing anything for my children and their safety. Right now I am renting an apartment with my children and dog. Right now I am taking a break from school because I have to work full time.I've had employment since I was 15 years old.  A dream of mine is to make a shelter for children in Africa.

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This need has been validated by Jennifer from Childcare Network of Evanston

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Validated by Jennifer from Childcare Network of Evanston (What does this mean?)

I have known Emily for almost a year. She has been participating in our program, and bringing her daughter to one of our child care centers. She also has other children. Emily is in need of a security deposit for her own apartment. She is needing to move asap to keep her family safe. She is moving to get away from a violent relationship. We met when Emily enrolled in our program. We have been working very closely since then. 

I think meeting this need is very important because Emily is in danger from her abusive former partner. The programs out there that can offer her shelter aren't permanent. She needs a stable and safe home for her children.

This will move Emily's life forward by giving her peace of mind to be able to focus on all the other things in her life. This will allow her to be independent and keep her family safe.

Emily is a very strong and independent single mom. She has been doing everything necessary to better her children's lives. She is currently working full time, but with all the other expenses that come along with having children she has not been able to save for a deposit for an apartment. This is the one thing standing in her way of keeping her family safe.

About Jennifer

I am a Family Advocate at Childcare Network of Evanston Early Head Start Program. I have been with the agency for 2 years, but worked in the social service field for many years. I have a bachelor’s of science in Psychology and a minor in Women’s studies from Western Michigan University.… Read more