Annie from Chicago, IL

Items to furnish my new apartment

I just left a homeless/battered shelter and now me and my 3 kids are living in an empty apartment. I need tables, chairs, curtains, and bed linen.


Update from Caesarei: Jul 16, 2012

She has gotten her furniture. I would like to thank you for your help, she seems to be pretty happy with the outcome of this gift.

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Caesarei's Update: Jul 12, 2012

For this client, it has been an uphill battle. She can now see something good come from a group of people who care about other peoples lives and help make a difference when a difference is needed.

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Annie's statement: May 29, 2012

First off I would like to thank everyone that made this happen for me I am very happy about the accomplishment that was made from my supporters and the benevolent team. This means a lot to me and my family and I just wanna say thank you all again for helping me. With the donations that were donated I plan to redecorate my apartment and try to make it feel like home as I possibly can so that my children will know that there in a safe place to sleep & play. Thanks again to everyone, & for everything!!!


I need items to help furnish my new apartment. I need tables, chairs, curtains, bed linen. As of the moment we're living in an empty apartment with only 3 beds and 1 tv but thanking God everyday for the roof he has provided for my family.
Meeting this need will help me because I'm a single parent with 3 children. I barely have enough income to pay my rent and helping meet my needs would mean the world to me and my family cause we just didnt have anything.
Right now, my biggest challenge is finding ways to furnish my apartment and maintain a living stability for me and my children. My goal is independence. I want to be able to stand alone and also be able to provide for my family of 4.

My current situation is I just recently left a homeless/battered shelter for women and children. Me and my kids went in there with only the clothes on our backs with no where to go. This was the toughest situation I had to face in my life. After leaving the shelter and coming over to the Inspiration Living Room Cafe and meeting my counselor Mr. Marsh he and his help landed me in to my own apartment. I'm happy with the help they provided me cause I was tired of living in the street. Now that I have my own place I would just want to live comfortable me and my children.

I think of myself mostly as a strong single parent. I'm most proud of myself for finding ways to make things happen for my family. I live with myself and my 3 children. I went to school at Chicago Vocational High School. I've worked at jobs including Grocery store cashier. Something interesting about me is I smile even when I'm down and out.

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Validated by Caesarei from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Annie has been a client of mine for coming up on 4 years. I've had the privilege of being a part of her life and understanding her need. Having been in the embarrassing situation of homelessness and following that by obtaining help to get her own apartment, now she needs a dining room set and other basic things we take for granted in our lives but not in hers. Any assistance would be viewed as a very serious act of kindness for those reaching out through this medium. Annie has 3 beautiful children that can benefit greatly from any consideration or extensions of kindness to help her get the things that she needs.

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