Emilia from San Diego, CA

Survived torture in my home country. I need gear to study & work in Culinary Arts!

I need a uniform, knife kit, tuition & books to complete my 9-month Culinary Arts certificate, which will help me obtain a secure job & support myself


Wow! What an update from Emilia! Sep 2, 2015

Emilia's validator, Cassie, just shared incredible news. She says, "Emilia received additional funding from a grant worth $500. That has allowed her to pay for registration for the course and her uniform and some transportation. She will still be needing her knife kit, shoes to complete her uniform, and additional bus passes for transportation for school over the next year. Due to her receiving $500, we would now like to reduce the amount [needed] to $200. Which means she is almost there!!"

Thanks for all those who have already contributed to Emilia's need. Let's continue to spread the word!


I am from Mexico, but am now living in the USA seeking asylum for my safety. I am a survivor of torture, and that is the reason I live in the USA. I live in a shelter and study English every evening. I am a transgender woman, and have never had any problems with drugs or legal troubles. I am an active member of the Trans Community which gives me the opportunity to share ideas to strengthen the needs of my community.

My goals are to study Culinary Arts and get a certificate so that when I get my work permit I am able to get a job. I want to be a part of the productive sector of this country.

I need a uniform and shoes, a culinary knife kit, tuition and book fees, a bus pass to attend class, and additional materials to complete a 9-month Culinary Arts Course to have a certificate in Culinary Arts.

Meeting this need will help me because these resources are very important for me. I am waiting for my work permit and when I get a certificate for Culinary Arts, I can be a part of this society giving the best part of me. By having this certificate I will be able to obtain secure employment, and support myself. I will be able to move out of the shelter and pay my own rent, have my own space, and also begin providing support to others.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Emilia fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Cassie from Survivors of Torture, International

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Validated by Cassie from Survivors of Torture, International (What does this mean?)

I have know Emilia through my work at Survivor's of Torture International and have been providing Emilia with case management and mental health support services. When I first met Emilia I was told that she was someone who is very motivated to achieve her goals despite the many obstacles she has had to overcome. Since that first meeting she has proven this to be true. While Emilia is living in a shelter and awaiting her work permit she has continued to act as an advocate in her community for LGBTQ rights as a Transgender woman. She has also been studying English daily to incorporate herself into her new society in the US. She is now planning to take a 9 month culinary course which will allow her to gain employment and continue to rebuild her life and heal from the torture she experienced but has no financial resources to be able to enroll. I think that her being able to take this course will be really important for her as it will allow her to have greater access to employment and continue to increase her independence. I believe that Emilia's completion of this course will contribute to her self esteem and allow her to continue moving forward to be able to pursue her goals of independence and staying involved as an advocate for her community.

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My job title is Clinical Case Manager. I have been in this position since May 2015. My work involves meeting with clients, through a combination of office and home visits, to address their case management needs. I assess and provide appropriate referrals to clients’ basic needs such as housing,… Read more