Sean from Chicago, IL

Focused father training to work in manufacturing. I need work gear to get started!

To find gainful employment in manufacturing, I need steel toed boots, a metrology kit, working clothes, and a transit pass.


I am an extremely focused, well organized, and motivated father of 5 young children. About 5 years ago I became determined to change the direction of my life from a path of uncertainty to one with clarity and a more positive direction.

My first 90 day goal is to successfully complete my CNC Machinist training at Jane Addams Resource Corporation. My second 90 day goal is to become employed full-time as a CNC Machinist/Operator.

The things I need to help me further my transition are steel toed work boots, metrology kit, working clothes, and CTA/PACE and Metra travel passes.

Meeting this need will help by providing me with the tools, clothes, and necessary travel expenses I’ll incur as I become gainfully employed as a CNC Machinist. This assistance will sustain me until I receive my first pay check.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Mark from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

Sean has been in the training program for only a few weeks. He has been a leader from the start. He has worked very hard and stayed late to finish his projects. He was recently promoted to shift supervisor. I have no doubt that he will be successful in his career as a CNC Machinist. Your assistance will greatly help him to reach his goals.

About Mark

My job title is Program Coordinator. My work involves case management of all students enrolled in our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) class. I enjoy working with students to help them to be successful in the program and empowered in life. The best part of working at Jane Addams Resource… Read more