Tori from Chicago, IL

Computer for my kids to succeed in school

I left a domestic violence situation and I'm now a working single mother of seven children. A home computer will allow us more time as a family.


Tori's statement on receiving her computer: Jan 27, 2012

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the opportunity to receive a computer.  It has truly been a blessing.

By receiving this computer, my children are able to do their homework, type up reports and do research on the internet.  Even though I personally haven’t had a chance to get on the new computer, the children have benefited the most.  It is being well used.

This is such a wonderful thing that your company is doing by helping to enhance the lives of those who are just a little less fortunate.

Again, thank you and may God continue to Bless you and those who donate.
~Tori and family

Jamila's statement on Tori receiving her computer: Jan 27, 2012

Having a computer at the house has changed Tori’s life.  Her kids are better equipped to complete their school assignments.  She is truly grateful for the generosity of the donors who helped to make this possible.


Having a computer in our home will give me the extra time with my kids when they're doing their homework.  We can all go online to do research, homework, and more.  Most of all, a computer will give me the control over what sites my kids are viewing at all times.  If we had a computer, it would benefit everyone's needs, moving towards the future.

My kids need a computer for school work so they can keep bringing A's and B's home to me.  My children's future depends on good grades so that they can advance to college.

When I fled a domestically violent marriage, I lost everything and have started all over from scratch.  I still don't even have a couch, but a computer is more important. 

I work for a local nonprofit organization that works to prevent homelessness.  I make enough money to support the basic needs of my family including rent, utilities, phone, medical needs, and transportation.  My income is not enough to afford the other things you need when you've got kids as active and accelerated as mine.  I have to tell them "no" a lot.  A computer is something I'd like to bring to my family to keep them advanced for the future.

You can't begin to understand how I budget.  I go to three different grocery stores; I buy all our clothes in clearance and off-season sales; I am a coupon queen.  With all the research and checking in stores and checking on the prices of computers, I know it's simply impossible for me to buy a computer on my income.

On June 29th, 2009, I fled domestic violence in my 13 year marriage and relocated to Chicago from Tennesee with my seven kids.  I had to live in a shelter with my kids for over 7 months.  While I was in the shelter, a social worker there referred me to the Cara Program which was one of the best things that had happened to me in a long time.  Coming to the Cara program, I learned life skills, I got job training, and help finding a job.

Now I work full time and have an apartment for myself and my kids.  My kids are one of the most precious things that was given to me.  I have very smart kids who are gifted in academics, sports, and more.  Sometimes I feel bad that I'm not able to give them some of the wants they have.  They make excellent grades and I am so pleased to have a job where I have paid time off to go to my kids' school activities and ceremonies.

I want to return to school to pursue a nursing degree. I can't do that just right now, but that is one of my major goals.

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Validated by Jamila from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

I've known Tori for almost two years now.  She has been a participant of the Cara Program and has improved and advanced tremendously since she first started as a shy and insecure individual who had just gotten out of a very bad long-term relationship.  Now, two years later, she is a confident, independent woman who is holding down a large family.

Buying a computer would help not only Tori advance, but will allow her family to move forward along with her.  As a single mother who works full time, having her children at the house would allow her more quality time with the kids, would allow her to help her children with their homework, and hopefully set the kids on the right track to go to college.

I have faith that Tori will continue to be successful.

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I work for the Cara Program as an Individual Development Specialist. I have been here for a little over four years now. I moved to Chicago from Texas where I did a year of Americorps service working for a nonprofit serving the Vietnamese community in the Houston Area. I decided that I wanted to… Read more