Armando from Chicago, IL

Training to work in IT. I need an industry-recognized certification to get a job!

Obtaining this certification is important in my job search, will help me move toward financial stability & is the only barrier that can deter me.


I am Armando, a 45 year-old man from Puerto Rico living in Chicago. I came to Chicago two years ago with new goals to achieve. Right now, I am beginning to study for my A+ exam as well as doing volunteer work in my community.

My goals are to complete the A+ course that I recently began. I want to pass the exam and obtain my certification, which will increase my knowledge and help me obtain a steady job in the IT field.

I need economic resources to facilitate my transportation to and from class four times a week. I also have to pay the exam fee for my A+ license. Because I am not working right now in order to take the class, I can't afford these costs on my own.

Meeting this need will help me because I received a scholarship to complete this class, but it does not cover the exam fee or transportation. The certification is an important part in my job search and helping me move toward financial stability. Money for transportation and the exam fee are the only barriers that can deter me from achieving my goals.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Kayla from Center for Changing Lives (What does this mean?)

I have known Armando through Center for Changing Lives' new CompTIA A+ vocational program. The program is a 6-week class that meets 3 days a week. At its completion, Armando will take the qualifying exam for his A+ license and be able to launch his IT career. Armando has been working with CCL on his financial goals and housing options for himself and his wife. He is professional, determined, and dedicated to his goals. The only thing stopping him now is money!

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