Renee from Charlotte, NC

Dentures are vital to my job success, health & stability! I need a new set.

I sell magazines & talk with hundreds of people daily. I cannot successfully do my job without the ability to talk & smile freely.


Renee has new dentures! May 26, 2016

Renee's validator Peggi at Speak Up Magazine sent us this wonderful update!

"Renee has her new upper dentures! She said they are very comfortable, and she likes to wear make up again because she feels pretty. Though she is still homeless, Renee is very grateful for Benevolent and for all of her donors!"


I am a Speak Up vendor. I sell Speak Up magazines to earn money. I sleep in a utility room in a warehouse. I pray every day. I recently broke my back and lost my dentures.

My goal is to get into an apartment. I need to earn more money selling magazines and add to my income with a part-time job.

I need new dentures. I recently lost them. It is so embarrassing to have a smile that is missing all of the top teeth.

Meeting this need will help me because I talk with hundreds of people daily while selling magazines on the streets of Charlotte. Without a full smile and the ability to talk without shame, I can't successfully do my job. It also limits my opportunity to get a second job.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Peggi from Speak Up Magazine

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Validated by Peggi from Speak Up Magazine (What does this mean?)

Renee is one of our homeless Speak Up Magazine vendors. She comes in frequently to buy more magazines and to attend our writing workshops and vendor meetings. Renee always has a smile and an upbeat attitude. Considering her difficult circumstances, that is amazing! It would great to see her smile real big and regain her confidence again, and new upper dentures would help her immensely in that regard.

About Peggi

I have volunteered at Speak Up for over two years. I enter financial information, edit copy, proofread, write articles, take photos for the magazine, help our vendors when needed, answer phones...whatever needs to be done!